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"My daughter, has been developmentally delayed from birth. Michele has been providing therapeutic massage for Claudia for over 4 years.  Over these years, we have seen an incredible improvement in her sensory awareness and response to sensory input.  Michele is amazing at gaining her trust and providing creative ways to get her to comply with and enjoy their time together."

Teresa - Parent

"Michele is the most talented massage therapist I have ever worked with professionally. She is skilled at providing therapeutic touch to children who have experienced profound abuse, neglect, and medical trauma. She works toward creating a child-led positive relationship with touch, while coordinating high levels of care with other treatment professionals and building strong rapport with parents and caregivers."

Emily -  LPC, BC-DMT, CIMI

"Michele’s incredible adaptability with her clients allows her to be very successful in helping them. Her compassionate ability to know what the client needs before they tell her makes customers feel comfortable with her. Michele’s calming voice and touch allows her client to receive the benefits to help them heal through her."

Joy - Parent

"Even though my son is nonverbal, Michele looks at cues from him though his body language so she can respect his space. He enjoys his weekly massage and I can tell that his body is more calm when she is done."

Stephanie - Parent
Julie -  LMT

"Michele's classes are filled with tenderness, creativity and love not only for children, but also their parents. "

"Every week when I tell my daughter Michele is coming she smiles from ear to ear. Michele listens to her non verbal and verbal cues and is able to calm and relax her with music and massage. My daughter has never been as relaxed as when working with Michele."

Amanda - Parent

"We place enormous value on the enriching interpersonal relationship Michele provides our daughters, as well as the consistently nurturing safe, and calm space she creates wherein children may become aware of their emotions, body, stress and needs.  Michele embodies a unique combination of exceptional skill, outstanding communication, rare professionalism and genuine warmth." 

Jill - Parent

"Michele’s healing touch and dynamic personality will physically and emotionally help children and her compassion and genuine love for them will touch the hearts of many."

Kristina - Client
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