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" I am a pediatric massage specialist and infant massage instructor. I bring compassionate, healing touch to children who need it most so they can live happier, healthier lives. "

Michele Belcher

Michele and her youngest son.

Michele Belcher is the founder of Kids ‘n Touch, an organization dedicated to delivering compassionate and healing touch to children and educating others of how vital healthy, positive and respectful touch is for children in today's society. Michele has always had a natural connection with children. In 2013, Michele was inspired by the work of the Liddle Kidz Foundation and quickly connected with this organization to complete her pediatric massage certification. Her aspiration is to provide nurturing touch for children who have special physical or emotional needs, bringing both healing and joy to these children as well as their families and caregivers. She also desires to teach children about the power of positive touch in an effort to help them build trusting and respectful relationships with one another.


Kids 'n Touch is a contracted provider with Imagine! Currently, Michele provides services to families in Arvada, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Broomfield, Boulder, Superior, Lafayette and Louisville, Colorado.  


In addition to her private practice, Michele is currently participating in a research study at Children's Hospital of Colorado teaching parents infant massage techniques they can use while their child is in the hospital and at home after discharge. Michele has been a board certified massage therapist since 2001 (NCBTMB). She is certified in pediatric massage, infant massage instruction, prenatal massage, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy. For six years, she successfully managed her own massage therapy private practice focusing primarily on prenatal massage and infant massage instruction. She also provided massage for parents and healthcare providers at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


Before starting her own private practice, Michele worked at The Pregnancy Massage Center in Atlanta, Georgia as a prenatal massage specialist, labor and delivery assistant and infant massage instructor. She was also an educator at Northside Hospital, the largest obstetric hospital in the United States teaching both prenatal massage and infant massage instruction. 


Michele maintains a high level of professional values including an unwavering commitment to quality, honesty, confidentiality and personal integrity - attributes that her clients have valued over the years. 


Michele lives in Arvada, Colorado with her sweet, supportive hubby, two very silly boys and an overly affectionate puppy.  


Kids 'n Touch was founded on the belief that all children need positive, healing touch in their lives. Touch is our most basic, yet most powerful means of communication. Kids 'n Touch provides pediatric massage, infant massage instruction and education to children and their caregivers. Michele's goal is to create a safe space for children to experience and learn more about compassionate, healing, respectful touch.  


Unlike an adult massage session which lasts an hour or longer, pediatric sessions are much shorter. Generally, a pediatric session will last about 20-30 minutes depending on the age of the child. For most children, their home is a familiar, safe and comfortable environment for them. That is why Kids 'n Touch comes to you. Every session is designed to fit the needs of your child. Most sessions are performed on the floor with pillows and toys. Children are usually fully clothed and parents/caregivers are asked to stay in the room to maintain safe boundaries. These guidelines may change slightly for teenage children, however, all sessions are designed with both parental and child comfort levels in mind and require consent from all parties. For younger children, story massage is a great way to involve them in the massage and hold their attention longer.  



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